Fresh Pasta

Pasta is a product that needs the expertise of whoever is handling, we work with fresh pasta more valued in southern Gran Canaria. Tortellini, Ravioli, Tagliatelle, spaghetti and lasagna the best quality. A well cooked pasta and a sauce sautéed right, are the secret of a good plate of pasta.

Saturday, 28 July 2012 06:00

Spaghetti Carbonara Style

Tasty pasta with a sauce made from smoked bacon, extra cream, onion, parmesan cheese and eggs, a delicacy known in the world, but with a personal touch.

Tagliatelle Mediterranean (from the orchard) as the name suggests is a paste made with fresh seasonal vegetables, our noodles are fresh, we work with the best fresh pasta market. 

Friday, 27 July 2012 19:30

Tortellini Marco Polo (gratin)

Delicious! Our recipe is one of the most requested pasta from our customers. A dish made from a creamy cream to prociutto (ham) sauce of Pellati tomatte and mushrooms.

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