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… a feast of flavors, traditions and unforgettable moments! …get ready to embark on a sensory journey that will awaken your senses and transport you to the true essence of the Mediterranean at Marco Polo.

Don’t miss our latest additions to the restaurant’s menu …. Remember that we are always discovering the best gastronomic route for the delight of your senses…

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Tasty meats, cooked in our authentic grill and the quality of our meats, have made this section the most representative of our specialties. see more +

Our selection of fish and seafood is no less important in our menu. Top quality products cooked with care for you. see more +

Fire and the art of cooking embrace in this section. Dishes cooked on the spot that require the know-how and discipline to execute recipes that have been elaborated and perfected for decades. Pastas, meats and fish prepared at the moment in the fire section. see more +

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tasty novelties…

Entrecote onion lovers

Our fabulous grilled sirloin steak with fried onions and sauce of your choice, served with roasted peppers and french fries.



Aged Black Angus beef, caramelized onion, mustard sauce, parmesan cheese and arugula, served with french fries.


speguetti carbonara

The classic that is back in fashion, spaghetti carbonara, with its creamy egg sauce, pecorino cheese, parmesan cheese and guanciale .


Meat specialties

black angus sirloin 2 pers

600gr of 100% Irish Black Angus beef, ideal for 2 persons. As not prepared on our grill to the desired point. Served with 4 sauces and garnish.

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Tomahawk Steak (2 pers)

1000gr/1400gr weight, a special cut of black angus/simmental or Irish suckler beef. Served with 4 sauces and potatoes and garnish.

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Pepper sirloin steak

Exquisite Argentinean sirloin steak accompanied by our irresistible homemade pepper sauce that will conquer you completely.


“Discover our best kept secret! At the heart of our kitchen is our most precious jewel: the Josper grill. With an ancestral technique and a touch of modernity, we cook at high temperatures over incandescent oak embers, achieving short but intense cooking times that preserve the natural juices of the meat, while infusing an incomparable smoky aroma and an exquisite texture. Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience and delight your senses with the magic of our grill.

Our meats and sauces, unique in the area, make Marco Polo an indispensable visit in Playa del Ingles, south of Gran Canaria.

From the sea to your table


Authentic grilled sole fillets with a touch of garlic emulsion, seasonal vegetables and canary potatoes.


norwegian salmon with citrus sauce

Fresh Norwegian salmon with delicious lemon sauce, seasonal vegetables and canary potatoes.


grilled squid

Grilled baby squid with a touch of garlic emulsion and canary potatoes.


from the frying pan to your table


A Spanish classic, simple, traditional and tasty. Strips of fresh free-range chicken with garlic, sautéed with wine, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and country potatoes.


saltimbocca a la romana

Our version of the classic Saltimbocca, this time made with beef tenderloin and guijuelo ham, sautéed with marsala wine, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and country potatoes.



Our much desired and delicious shrimps sautéed in olive oil with garlic, hot pepper and parsley are a must.


Scaloppine Marsala

Fine pork medallions, with serrano ham from Guijuelo. Sauteed with mushrooms in marsala wine. Served with seasonal vegetables and country potatoes.


ricotta ravioli with pesto

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach with a delicious homemade pesto sauce. A delicious dish for vegetarian recipe lovers.


Pasta allo scoglio

Another classic that cannot be missing in our menu is the Spaghetti allo Scoglio sautéed with seafood in a delicious marinara sauce. A southern dish that keeps in its traditional and coastal flavor, the essence of Campania, Italina. Order them in the version you like best, Spaghetti, Pacceri or Pappardelle.



TIRAMISU of the house!

Delicious Italian dessert composed of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee, mascarpone cream and sprinkled with cocoa powder. An irresistible classic.


Brownie on the house!

Exquisite warm chocolate brownie accompanied by a scoop of Italian ice cream, creating the perfect combination of sweet and creamy.


Crème brûlée

Delicious Crème brûlée, with its crunchy caramelized layer on a smooth vanilla cream, an indulgent experience you won’t want to miss.



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