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A journey that began more than 40 years ago and today, thanks to you, we are still here.


Our History

Where It All Began

More than four decades ago, in 1980, Don Pedro Rodrígue and his wife Luisa Marichal dreamed of creating something unique in the world of gastronomy. Inspired by the culinary richness of the Mediterranean, they decided to create a restaurant that would not only offer exquisite dishes, but would also be an authentic sensory journey for European palates.

Thus was born the Marco Polo Restaurant, a place where the passion for Mediterranean cuisine merged with the hospitality of the Rodriguez Marichal family. From the beginning, Don Pedro and Luisa strived to transmit the authenticity of the region’s traditional recipes, using fresh ingredients and culinary techniques that reflect the essence of each dish.

Over the years, the restaurant has become a benchmark in the gastronomic scene, earning the loyalty of its customers by offering a unique and delicious experience. However, beyond being simply a business, Marco Polo became a home where diners felt part of a big family.

Today, more than 40 years after its opening, Marco Polo Restaurant remains a beacon of authenticity and Mediterranean flavor. The current generation of the Rodriguez Marichal family has managed not only to keep alive the flame lit by their founding fathers, but also to add their own special touch, ensuring that every visit to Marco Polo is an unforgettable culinary journey. The legacy lives on, as the family continues to delight diners with the magic of the Mediterranean in every dish.

In the Spotlight

Our Recognitions

Throughout 40 years we have received many publications in different media that have awarded us several prizes for tourist and gastronomic excellence.

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Our day to day

Our Offer


Immerse yourself in the culinary experience from the very beginning with our selection of irresistible starters. From delicious Mediterranean tapas to more innovative options, every bite is an invitation to explore the wealth of flavors that await you at Marco Polo..

Fresh ingredients every day

At Marco Polo, freshness is our priority. Discover the difference that carefully selected ingredients make on a daily basis. Our dedication to quality is reflected in every dish, guaranteeing a dining experience that highlights the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine.

Fresh pasta

Embark on a journey to authentic Italy with our fresh pasta. Prepared with care and passion, each pasta dish reflects the tradition and incomparable taste of Italian cuisine, transporting you directly to the enchanting streets of Tuscany.

Meat Selection

For meat lovers, we offer an exceptional assortment of the best choices. From juicy steaks to grilled specialties, each cut is expertly prepared to give you an unforgettable meat experience.

Fresh Fish and Seafood of the day

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the sea with our selection of fresh seafood. Expertly prepared, each dish highlights the quality of the seafood, offering you a culinary experience that captures the essence of the Mediterranean.

Homemade Desserts

Culminate your experience with a sweet touch of our homemade desserts. From Mediterranean classics to unique creations, each dessert is a masterpiece that reflects the art of home baking, sweetening your palate and leaving you with a memorable souvenir.


What our customers say

“A great meeting”

“Not our first visit, we came back because we had a very pleasant experience and just so they could continue to surprise us, as our dinner this was an amazing experience.
Alejandor Garcia.

“Fabulous food & impeccable service.”

Excellent, an incomparable treatment, the waitress is a professional and an expert in wines. The cook is an artist of gastronomy. Very defined flavors with small details that surprise the palate. Highly recommended. I will be back.

oliver Santana Perdomo

“A new experience of success”

Great restaurant inside the mall.
They were very kind, they invited us to a beer while we were waiting for a free table, the place is nice and the pizzas were good.
We have to go back to dine at the local other dishes, we will!

Eva Janssen

“Without Words”

Always the same… Perfect…
Excellent cuisine with a welcoming and quality service. We often go there for the pleasure of seeing the team and the owner because this lady is charming and very professional. Their equipment is also very good. Thank you very much.

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